Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge

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Revered Strain: Experience the therapeutic essence of the Charlotte’s Web strain.
CBD Purity: A wholesome 60% CBD concentration for an enriched vaping experience.
Mind & Body Balance: Perfect for those seeking mental clarity and physical relaxation.
Stress Combatant: Crafted to ward off daily anxieties and stress.
Pain Reliever: Navigate life with reduced pain and discomfort.
Seamless Compatibility: Designed for 510 thread vape devices.

Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge

What is it ?

Step into a world of renowned therapeutic qualities with the Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge. Renowned for its impressive CBD concentration, the Charlotte’s Web strain has been the choice for many in need of CBD’s therapeutic benefits. Our cartridge, available in both 0.5 and 1 gram sizes, aims to replicate that magic. With a 510 thread and ceramic coil, every vape ensures a flavor that remains true to its roots. The terpene profile of this cartridge resonates with the characteristic flavor of Charlotte’s Web. To truly savor the essence, it’s recommended to use this cartridge with a dependable battery, such as the Doobeez USB-C Battery Vape Pen 510.

What are the benefits ?

Venture into the therapeutic spectrum of the Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge :

Therapeutic Relaxation: Dive into a sea of tranquility, thanks to Charlotte’s Web’s renowned calm-inducing properties.

Cognitive Clarity: Experience a sense of focus and clarity, making it easier to navigate daily tasks.

Stress Alleviation: Allow the combined strengths of CBD and the Charlotte’s Web strain to melt away stress.

Natural Pain Relief: Find solace from chronic pain without relying on heavy pharmaceuticals.

Sleep Enhancer: A few puffs can pave the way for a restful night.

How to use it ?

The Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge is user-friendly and efficient. Attach it to a 510 thread-compatible vaping device, preferably the Doobeez USB-C Battery Vape Pen 510. Inhale according to your comfort, letting the flavors and benefits harmoniously blend.

Terpene Profile :

The terpenes defining the Charlotte’s Web CBD 60% Vape Cartridge include:

Myrcene: Known for its herbal, musky notes, it is believed to induce calmness.

Pinene: A piney terpene that can potentially enhance alertness and counteract certain THC effects.

Caryophyllene: Its spicy undertones are matched by its potential anti-inflammatory properties.