Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge

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Revered Strain: Experience the therapeutic essence of the Charlotte’s Web strain.
CBD Purity: A wholesome 60% CBD concentration for an enriched vaping experience.
Mind & Body Balance: Perfect for those seeking mental clarity and physical relaxation.
Stress Combatant: Crafted to ward off daily anxieties and stress.
Pain Reliever: Navigate life with reduced pain and discomfort.
Seamless Compatibility: Designed for 510 thread vape devices.

Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge

What is it ?

Elevate your vaping experience with the Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge. Harnessing the invigorating effects of the famous Super Silver Haze strain and enriched with a potent CBD concentration, this cartridge promises a balanced euphoria. Available in 0.5 and 1 gram options, this cartridge boasts a 510 thread and ceramic coil, ensuring every draw is as flavorful as it is aromatic. The cartridge’s distinctive terpene profile emanates the skunky, citrus scent of Super Silver Haze. To maximize your vaping experience, we suggest pairing this cartridge with a high-quality battery like the Doobeez USB-C Battery Vape Pen 510.

What are the benefits ?

Discover the holistic benefits of the Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge :

Energizing Euphoria: Bask in the uplifting and energizing effects synonymous with Super Silver Haze.

Mindful Clarity: Experience heightened focus, making tasks more engaging and manageable.

Stress Dissolver: Let the unique blend of CBD and Super Silver Haze chase away daily tensions.

Pain’s Adversary: Benefit from the natural pain-alleviating properties of CBD, heightened by the strain’s characteristics.

Mood Elevator: A couple of puffs can sway the mood, waving off blues and melancholy.

How to use it ?

The Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge is crafted for ease. Attach it to a compatible 510-threaded vape device, preferably the Doobeez USB-C Battery Vape Pen 510. Draw in the vapors at your desired intensity, immersing in the layered flavors and effects.

Terpene Profile :

Unique terpenes define the Super Silver Haze CBD 60% Vape Cartridge:

Limonene: This citrusy terpene can uplift the mood and relieve stress.

Pinene: Delivering fresh pine notes, it’s linked to promoting alertness and countering anxiety.

Terpinolene: A multifaceted terpene with woody, herbaceous, and citrus notes, often associated with uplifting effects.